Content Marketing vs Copywriting: The Strategy To Massively

Content Marketing vs Copywriting: The Strategy To Massively
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Content marketing and copywriting—two seemingly distinct skills and services, right? In this video, I’ll dismantle the barriers between content marketing and copywriting. Most importantly, I’ll unveil the single most valuable piece of that every business should consistently produce and every copywriter must offer as a service.

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Content marketing involves consistently delivering valuable, shareable, and free to your audience. It spans blog posts, social media content, podcasts, YouTube videos, newsletters, and more. On the flip side, copywriting is the art of writing with the sole aim of getting a conversion. It includes sales pages, ads, sales emails, landing pages, VSLs, webinar scripts, and more.

Here’s my first tip: Do not limit your emails to launches and promotions. Consumers today are savvy and skeptical.

Consumers are inundated with ads, oversaturated with sales tactics, and bombarded with “buy, buy, buy” messages. To stand out, you need to create a real connection. Content emails become your secret sauce for selling without overtly selling.

Content emails are crucial, not just the money-making sales emails. Nurturing your audience through consistent, high-value emails is arguably the most critical piece for any business.

Now, what makes a good content email strategy? The content and consistency will vary based on your business. Make your content emails educational, inspirational, entertaining, or personal. Write them informally, like a conversation with a friend. Infuse storytelling and personalization to connect with your audience. Provide enough education to establish trust without asking for anything in return.

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