Create Profitable Facebook Ads with ChatGPT! (Start to Finish)

Create Profitable Facebook Ads with ChatGPT! (Start to Finish)
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These are highly converting Facebook ads, which would take even an experienced copywriter all day to brainstorm, write, and refine. However, using ChatGPT along with the right prompts in the right order, you can now do it in literally 10 minutes. You’ll have a wide enough variety to see for yourself which ads work best. Mastering this skill is the future of creating profitable ads, but only businesses and entrepreneurs who know what to ask for will see that success using ChatGPT. Now let’s jump right into the step-by-step process, leaving nothing out. Before getting into writing the ad, there are a few things to do to lay the groundwork. Most people using ChatGPT for this purpose might overlook these steps, resulting in less converting and less profitable ads.


Start with a prompt asking for powerful or evocative words associated with your industry. For example, if you’re advertising a pizza joint, the prompt might be, “What are some powerful or evocative words associated with pizza?”

Once you have a list of power words, decide whether your ad is about solving a problem or satisfying a desire. Ideally, it’s a bit of both. If it tends to solve a problem, ask ChatGPT what problems your product or service solves for your target customers. If it satisfies a desire, ask what desires it fulfills for the same customers. For example, if it’s a pizza place targeting single males aged 21 to 45 in Chicago, ask, “What problems might pizza solve for its customers?” and “What desires might pizza fulfill for its customers?”

After generating responses, focus on the problems and desires that resonate most. Then use these insights to create five compelling Facebook ad headlines for your ideal customers. Keep the headlines concise, ideally no longer than 40 characters each. Choose the ones you like the best.

Define the offer you want to promote in the ad. For instance, the offer could be “Two-for-one pizzas for first-time customers.” Use this offer in the next prompt to generate ad copy. Ask ChatGPT to write copy for the chosen headlines using a variety of proven ad copywriting frameworks. You can select from different frameworks to test and determine which works best for your audience.

If you’re interested in creating a video ad, follow the same process as above, but specify that you want a script for a 15 to 30-second video ad. Additionally, request that the script be written in the first person, as if the owner of the pizza place is delivering the message. Once you have the written content, you can use tools like Nvidia to easily create the actual videos based on the scripts.

Now, let me tell you about the incredible value you’ll receive. You get over 6,000 completely customizable templates, including more than 2,000 specifically designed for video ads, based on the latest trends and guidelines for maximum conversion. Access their stock video library with over 8 million assets from premium sources like Shutterstock and iStock. Enjoy 24/7 live chat support for real-time assistance while creating your video. Additionally, you’ll join the InVideo community of over 30,000 marketing experts and video creators to get inspired, learn, and receive feedback on your video ads before going live.

As a special offer for my viewers, InVideo is generously providing a 25% discount. Simply visit and use the promo code ‘west25’. Details are in the description below.

Now, let’s dive into creating our video ad in just a few minutes. We’ll start with the wide range of templates. I’ve pre-checked the square and ad filters for a standout appearance in the Facebook or Instagram ad feed. You can also search for templates based on your industry or preference. For example, let’s use ‘pizza’ for our demonstration. I’ll select a template that I like and click ‘use template’.

Here’s the timeline interface. It’s straightforward to use and allows for easy swapping of videos. If you want to change the video, simply go to the ‘videos’ section and explore the premium stock videos. Let’s search for ‘pizza’ and find a suitable clip. Once found, I’ll add it as a layer.

Now, we can customize the text easily. Double-click on the text to edit, resize, and make adjustments. You can also change the font if needed. Remove unnecessary elements and replace them with relevant information.

InVideo also allows you to add a voiceover effortlessly. Click on ‘voiceover’, choose ‘automated text to speech’, paste your script, select a voice, and generate the voiceover. Adjust the volume as necessary.

To enhance the video, you can choose a background music track. Go to the ‘music’ section, select a track, and add it to your video.

Ensure all elements are the right length, drag and align them, and then click ‘export full quality’ to finalize your video. Now you have a professionally crafted video ready for Facebook.

InVideo offers a free plan for trial purposes, but to download and use your video ad, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Remember to use the promo code ‘west25’ at to get a 25% discount when upgrading. This discount also unlocks access to high-quality premium stock images and videos, providing a cost-effective alternative to other stock platforms.

Start creating your video ad effortlessly with In Video, even if you’re new to video editing. Don’t miss out on the discount – use promo code ‘west25’ today.

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