End of SMMA iOS14 Update – What It Means!

End of SMMA iOS14 Update – What It Means!
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Ladies and gents, before I say anything else,  I’m going to start off with two words. Don’t panic.  And I’ll explain why shortly. Now this is a highly, highly requested video,  and this is a very big topic to cover today.  We’re not just discussing what iOS 14 means for online marketing agencies like  you and me. Soon for the first time,  they would require apps to ask for permission to track their users. SMMA  And this isn’t actually that unusual for awhile. Facebook got angry, really angry. In fact. But why is Facebook so angry about this? A little pop-up notification appearing on I-phones simply because it could  destroy their business. Remember unlike Apple,  which makes money from its iPhones, iPads and Macs,  app store and streaming services. Facebook has no physical products.


The platform holds on you. So not only can advertisers serve you adverts across a number of different  platforms, it can track important events. But Apple’s tiny change means that for the first time you’re going to have to  manually opt in. Now here’s the question. Will you, well,  we actually know the answer to that.  Remember those opt-ins I mentioned earlier location tracking and push  notifications. These are inconveniences every single one of these little changes that Facebook  introduces is a bit of a headache. And if I’m being honest,  I’d rather not deal with them SMMA. 


But here’s the thing about being a marketing professional.  It’s your job to be aware of these changes and implement them. I mean,  it’s really as a blip in comparison to that. And all I can say is that was two,  three years ago, and nothing has changed. Like I’m being honest,  really nothing has changed. SMMA So you’re going to want to take some precautionary measures,  which I’m going to outline very shortly.

Drop shippers:

And I’ll explain that to you in a second. You see, for the past few years,  it’s almost become too easy to advertise on Facebook. Now anyone can advertise. Worse than that.  It’s also made Facebook a cesspool for low quality advertisers like  numb. I’m not going to say it dropshippers. And as I said, literally,  any knucklehead can run an ad. That means that for us, we’re going to have less competition.  We’re also going to see a return to the real art form of advertising by this. We actually have an in-house copywriter for this very purpose, but no, yes. So don’t worry about taking notes.  You can go ahead and click on that and get a more in-depth version.  Step number one, verify your domain. So step number two is, go ahead and,  and prioritize the vents that are most important to you. 


Because remember from now on, you only get eight of them. Step number five is, go ahead and integrate Facebook’s conversion API.  This is super easy to do for most prebuilt e-commerce platforms like Shopify.  Then the last bonus step is, as I said, don’t panic.  This is a big change, but F as a marketer,  as we adapt to the times as always, not only will you survive,  but you’ll actually thrive and come out on top for some of the reasons I listed  earlier in this video. Now here’s a message.  That’s a little bit more specific to the green and see students we’ll be  releasing everything we know about the changes.  We already have some Ninja work rounds.

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