Facebook Ads Split Testing – How To Split Test Facebook Ads For Beginners In 2023

Facebook Ads Split Testing – How To Split Test Facebook Ads For Beginners In 2023
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Hey, you guys, Jason Ward’s here! In this video, I’ll discuss Facebook advertising split testing. Someone inquired about split testing in a previous video, so let’s dive into it. If you’re wondering what split testing is, it involves experimenting with two different variables in your marketing campaign. This could be testing a landing page versus a lead form, trying out different ad images or videos, or experimenting with various copies.

Now, a crucial tip, especially for beginners, is to test only one variable at a time. Don’t change too many elements simultaneously. For instance, if you’re testing different landing pages, start by altering just the headline. In another test, you can modify the call-to-action button, and in another, maybe the button color. Testing one variable at a time ensures clarity in understanding what works and what doesn’t.

There are various tools available for landing page split testing, but let’s focus on how Facebook has simplified split testing in the last few months. I’ll show you how to set it up in the Facebook Ads manager.

If we click on the green Create button and start a new campaign, for instance, a traffic campaign, you’ll notice a new feature: “Create a split test.” This allows you to A/B test your ad creative. You can test campaign objectives, audiences, ad creatives, placements, and delivery optimization.

In conclusion, split testing on Facebook has become user-friendly, making it easier to experiment with different elements in your campaigns. This data-driven approach helps you optimize your ads effectively.


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