How I Started a SMMA in 2 Days // FOR FREE IN 2023

How I Started a SMMA in 2 Days // FOR FREE IN 2023
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The SMMA individual in the video, Rafe, shared his experience of starting a social media marketing agency called Papercut Media.

SMMA According to Rafe, the first step in creating a social media marketing agency is to choose a brand name. Rafe used the example of his agency’s name, Papercut Media, and recommended checking the domain availability on Google Domains.

After choosing a name, Rafe moved on to the creation of a logo. Rafe demonstrated the process by creating a simple logo for Papercut Media.

The next step Rafe discussed was creating a business email address.

He suggested using Wix and selecting a template that aligns with the logo and brand.

If you have specific requests or questions about the content, feel free to let me know!

I scheduled these posts through Facebook Marketplace to ensure a consistent posting schedule.

Looking professional is key to building trust and attracting potential clients.

Getting accustomed to the meta business suite’s interface and ecosystem is beneficial for a better understanding of your business. SMMA as you progress and acquire clients, your experience with this software will prove valuable.

In the next phase, I’ll be focusing on client acquisition, including activities like cold emailing, cold calling, and lead generation. I’ll be posting weekly updates on Papercut Media, detailing the entire process from start to finish. If you enjoyed this video and want more content like this, stay tuned, and I’ll see you next time. Cheers.

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