Google Ads Engine, How To Boost Ad Performance With HubSpot’s

Google Ads Engine, How To Boost Ad Performance With HubSpot’s
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Google Ads Engine and Hubspot:

Jamal from HubSpot introduces an easy way to elevate your business’s search ad strategy using HubSpot’s ads tool. Today, we’ll explore how this tool enables you to create Google Ads campaigns, receive recommendations to enhance your ads, and optimize overall campaign performance – all conveniently in one place. With HubSpot’s ad recommendations for Google Ads, you can synergize the capabilities of Google and HubSpot to amplify your campaign results. This streamlined process not only saves effort but also liberates valuable time that you can redirect towards managing your business.

Optimization score for google ads:

Within the ads tool, you gain visibility into your optimization score, coupled with a list of suggestions tailored to enhance the performance of each Google Ads campaign.

Importantly, note that the optimization score does not impact your ad quality.

The optimization score, distinct from ad rank or ad score, merely serves to provide insight into the health of your campaigns. To access your personalized recommendations, head to the ads tool, navigate to the manage tab, and click on recommendations on the left.

Within this section, you’ll have visibility into your Google Ads campaigns and optimization score. Additionally, you’ll find a list of recommendations, which could encompass suggestions related to keywords you should consider, updates to your bidding strategy, and adjustments for your campaign.

To drive more results and optimize your budget, you have the flexibility to select recommendations that align with your business goals and apply them seamlessly with just a click of a button. Upon application, you’ll witness an instant improvement in your optimization score. It’s remarkably straightforward.


Benchmarking your ad campaigns and swiftly applying potent, personalized recommendations takes only seconds – perhaps even faster (though I’m unsure if that’s possible). Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Google and HubSpot, it becomes not only possible but also a reality, enhancing the performance of your ads and affording you more time to focus on running your business.

The recommendations engine simplifies the process, making it effortlessly easy to attract quality leads and extract maximum value from your ad campaigns. Dive into the synergy of Google and HubSpot today and witness the transformative impact on your advertising efforts. Until then, see you next time!

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