How to Create Facebook Ads That Convert Like CRAZY:

How to Create Facebook Ads That Convert Like CRAZY:
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Facebook Ads:

Addressing a common sentiment expressed by Michael, who found Facebook ads challenging, the video aims to help anyone create effective Facebook ads without the need for copywriting experience or exceptional creativity. The strategy is based on a simple yet powerful marketing concept focusing on emotion-driven content. Understanding the basic anatomy of a Facebook is crucial. The next stop is the headline, followed by the primary text. To create a compelling ad, the video introduces a framework based on the value equation, emphasizing the dream outcome, perceived likelihood of achievement, time delay, and effort/sacrifice. Moving on to the visual element, the video recommends using video ads over single images, as studies show videos tend to perform better. With over 6,000 customizable templates, InVideo allows users to design scroll-stopping ads in minutes, even with no prior video editing experience.


The video concludes with a demonstration of how to use InVideo to create an engaging video ad, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right template, format (square), and category (ads). The tool provides a quick and easy way to create visually appealing and effective Facebook ads.

To explore more choices, let’s eliminate restrictions and demonstrate how to make changes independently. Begin by finding a layout that suits your content. A layout that doesn’t feel too much like an ad tends to work well on Facebook or Instagram. Now, proceed with editing.

In the storyboard editor, tackle one scene at a time. To add a new image or video, select the first scene. InVideo provides access to over 8 million premium video and image assets, making it a valuable subscription feature. Customize the font, spacing, and size according to your preferences.

Repeat these steps for subsequent scenes, ensuring each video is around three seconds long. Delete unnecessary elements and duplicate text blocks to maintain consistency.

For the final scene, insert contact information and a call-to-action. Change the website address, phone number, and any relevant details. Adjust the logo and choose a clean video for a polished ending.

InVideo offers a variety of tracks. Choose a more upbeat and friendly music track, and delete the existing one. Preview the selected track to ensure it aligns with the desired vibe.

Now, you have a ready-to-upload video for Facebook.

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