HubSpot Tutorial | How To Create a Lead Nurturing Workflow

HubSpot Tutorial | How To Create a Lead Nurturing Workflow
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Now, let’s move on to step two, creating an email. Navigate to Marketing and then Email. HubSpot Before entering the workflow tool, it’s advisable to build your emails first. Consider elements like the subject line and ensure the content is relevant to your audience’s phase in the customer journey.

Finally, in step three, we’ll create the actual workflow. Before entering HubSpot’s workflow section, take the time to brainstorm or map out the steps on paper. Now, go to Create Workflow, start from scratch, and choose contact-based, selecting the list you created. Give your workflow a name and set a goal, defining the final action you want your audience to take, such as form submission.

Next, you’ll set the enrollment trigger, the first action a contact must take to activate the workflow. For instance, someone downloading an ebook. After the trigger, you can add actions like sending emails and delays. Use delays to avoid overwhelming contacts, and set up conditional branches using HubSpot’s if-then scenarios.

For example, after sending the second email, you can add a branch to check if the contact opened the email. Based on their interaction, you can guide them down different paths, ensuring tailored communication.

Remember, the key to effective lead nurturing is providing relevant content and guiding contacts based on their actions. Now you’re ready to build and optimize your lead nurturing workflow within HubSpot!


We’ll conclude the communication here. As demonstrated, HubSpot provides ample options to ensure that the workflow doesn’t come to a halt. Actions can follow, such as sending a follow-up email to gauge continued interest. For instance, in this example, we’ve opted to proceed with the option indicating that the recipient opened the email, moving them to the next stage, “openedbofu2,” and sending them the third email.

Within this stage, you gain more flexibility. The workflow can persist with additional emails, or you can consider internal actions like reaching out personally or sending an email with a meeting setup link. The choice is yours, and HubSpot offers a plethora of options for diverse actions. For instance, you could set up internal email notifications or create tasks within HubSpot, alerting your team to the contact’s progress.

Navigate to settings, answer a few questions, associate the workflow with a campaign for tracking, and set up unenrollment and suppression options.

You can track the performance of your workflows and review their history on the performance page. Finally, in the review step, ensure everything aligns and add the list created in the initial step. This list helps filter contacts who are eligible for the workflow. Confirm the criteria, apply filters, and, once satisfied, turn on the workflow.

This process, while requiring some planning, becomes straightforward with practice. Explore the various options HubSpot provides, and feel free to experiment with different workflows to see what works best for your lead nurturing goals. If you have any questions, leave them below.

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