Lead Magnet 3-Step Tutorial: How To Create A High-Converting

Lead Magnet 3-Step Tutorial: How To Create A High-Converting
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Your email list stands out as one of the most valuable assets in your business. To grow your email list effectively, you need to learn how to create a killer lead magnet. In this video, I’ll break down the exact three-step lead magnet formula I follow to attract highly qualified leads and turn them into sales. Keep watching.

So, you want to learn how to build your email list and get more qualified leads in your business. First, let me tell you what not to do. Saying, “Hey guys, subscribe to my email list so that I can send you more emails” is not the way to go. We all get enough emails in our inbox, so the last thing anyone wants is to sign up for yet another email list. You have to think differently. People don’t actually want your emails; they want help. The best way to build your email list is by offering them help through a lead magnet, given to your prospects for free in exchange for their name and email address.

Here’s the thing: it has to be good. I see business owners slap together arbitrary content, call it something fancy, and expect people to come flocking to their website to sign up. But it doesn’t work like that. In this video, I’ll walk you through the three things that a good lead magnet must include. At the end of this video, I’ve included a list of the four most popular types of lead magnets you can offer in your business to grow a list of highly qualified leads.

Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Alex. I’m following up my recent email marketing tutorial with this in-depth training on how to actually build a list to send those emails to. If this is your first time on my channel, welcome. I put out a new video tutorial on copywriting, marketing, and freelancing strategies every single week. If that’s your thing and you want to learn more about it, hit subscribe below and ring that bell to be notified when my next tutorial goes live.

Let’s dive in. First of all, what is a lead magnet? It’s some form of content or information offered for free to attract qualified leads, AKA people who are actually interested in what you do and are therefore more likely to buy from you. This doesn’t just help you grow your email list; it creates trust, builds authority, and gets you new customers.

Lead magnet:

Now, the very first thing your lead magnet has to do is solve an immediate need. Sometimes called an ethical bribe, I cringe at that term because it makes it feel like what you’re offering isn’t insanely valuable. A good lead magnet is anything but. Always make sure that your lead magnet is valuable and solves an immediate need or challenge for your audience.

The second thing your lead magnet must do is create desire. The ultimate goal is to turn leads into customers. To create desire, provide useful but incomplete information. We’ll talk about the four ways to do that in a minute. Your lead magnet is one of the best sales tools you have.

So you have your audience’s attention, piqued their interest, and now you have to build desire. Lastly, you want your audience to take action, where they buy, and you get their money. Or you can do both. This is where most people get it wrong. Four ways to create desire: solve step one, inspired by Frank Kern’s Results in Advance method.

You can learn more about that at the end of this video.

Content Email:

But first, you’re probably wondering how often you should be sending these content emails. Is it once a week, once a month, every single day, right? Well, once again, it totally varies depending on you and your brand. Personally, I email my list about once a week, and that works great for me. Typically, this is an informal personal email introducing my newest YouTube video.

You gotta find that sweet spot balance between value and sales, right? Consistency builds trust, and trust is what sells your products and services.

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