Marketing Funnel this New Twist on a GENIUS.

Marketing Funnel this New Twist on a GENIUS.
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Typical marketing:

Digital marketing expert Zach Speckler achieved good, qualified leads six times cheaper with a simple twist on the typical marketing funnel. So, what’s this Perpetual Marketing Machine all about, and more importantly, how can you build your own to get similar results? This is your typical sales funnel: cold leads go in at the top, and if you’re lucky, some warm prospects come out at the bottom as customers. But what about the ones who don’t make it to the bottom? The harsh truth is most sales funnels don’t really care or account for them. What a waste. What if I told you there was a new kind of sales funnel with a very different, more well-rounded shape? It’s not a straight top-to-bottom line but a sphere that continually spins and expands, fueling itself the whole time.

The founder of Heart, Soul, Hustle, introduced this concept called the “Sphere of Influence.” During a recent promotion, he tested this concept by advertising the exact same offer to both cold leads and his warm audience developed with this system. The results, which we’ll get to later, are dramatic, to say the least. Let’s break down what the Sphere of Influence marketing funnel is, how to use it, and how to leverage it for the most out of your marketing efforts.


The Sphere of Influence is the concept of continually growing your warm market. The goal is to get people to know you so that when you ask for the sale, they’re not strangers off the street. These pieces work together to grow the pool of people in the middle of the sphere, making it easier to put your offers in front of those more likely to buy.

Each piece of the Sphere acts as both an engagement strategy, a nurture strategy, and an on-ramp. When you amplify any piece, the sphere expands, creating a wider warm audience. Let’s look at each of these four key pieces:

  1. Email List: The linchpin of the sphere. Growing your email list is the most effective way to get more people into your sphere. You can amplify everything by directly using it to amplify other pieces. For example, you can run ads to people on your email list, making your ad costs more effective.
  2. Core Content: Includes blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos. Core content serves as pre-sale content, priming and preparing people to want to work with you.
  3. Social Media: Allows you to reach new people, expand your following, and provides social proof.
  4. Advertising: Using Facebook and Instagram ads to build your email list. Spending at least $10 a day on ads for some opt-in offer helps grow your list. Ads can also amplify your core content and social reach.

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