Social Media Marketing Beginner

Social Media Marketing Beginner
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New year, new series! This serves as a beginner’s guide to getting started on each of these different platforms. First up, we have Instagram. Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification so that you won’t miss an episode. Let’s dive in. As of late 2020, social media Instagram had an advertising audience of over 1.16 billion people. Research from Hootsuite indicates that the most active demographic on IG is 18 to 29-year-olds in the United States.

Social media:

sprout social shows  that 47 of 30 to 49 year olds and 23  of 50 to 64 year olds also use the app  so moral of the story is  shoot your shot 90 of instagram users social media follow at least one brand on the  platform and in 2019 85 percent of teens said that ig was their preferred social network when social media instagram  personally fun entertaining informative yet accessible content back in the day. be a  truly instant platform where you snapped a quick pick with your phone and posted.

Casual Platform:

In real-time, Instagram has definitely become more refined and calculated over the years. Even so, it remains a more casual platform compared to something like LinkedIn or YouTube, which requires hours of production and editing. Getting started on Instagram is pretty straightforward; you’ll sign up using your email address or phone number on either the mobile app or the website. Now, the first thing to strategize is your username. While some social networks allow changing usernames, Instagram doesn’t.


who has done myself a huge pain and a lot of missed opportunities. social media recommend picking something that you’re willing to stick with for a while or forever my general advice is to choose a username that most closely resembles either your own name or pseudonym or your business name depending on the type of account that you’re going to go ahead and set up if neither of those are available you can add a to the beginning like social media.


If you’re a personal brand or just managing a personal account, go ahead and choose an inviting headshot of yourself. I’ve noticed that when my arms are crossed or I have a toothless smile, I can come across as a bit harsh. So, choose a photo where your body is a bit more opened up, your eyes are locked in with the camera lens, and ideally, you’re wearing a big toothy grin. Social media If you’re starting a business page, a high-quality logo usually works best on social media.

Fashion model:

these things one who you are two what you do three your unique selling proposition or what  exactly they’ll stand to benefit from following you  of course do your own research to see what the standard is in your particular industry for example brick and mortar retailers may choose to include business hours fashion models may want to tag their agency and so on and so forth instagram is one of those platforms that has a ton of features.


So i can do a dedicated video and  of course you can always research and  experiment and test things on your own too feature one instagram’s original  feature is the grid or post feature the  grid displays three pieces of media across the width of a cell phone screen or a desktop browser Originally photos made up the grid, but now it also includes videos too either way the key thing to remember here is that everything will be cropped  in the preview to a square.

Video boomrangs:

I won’t post a bright orange graphic next to a soft dusty rose graphic, alongside a rustic photo of a barn, unless you’re aiming for a totally eccentric and mismatched style. I’d recommend sticking to a general color palette and editing style. To feature two stories, click on the plus sign in the top right corner of your profile page. This action enables you to create a new story, and you can click on anyone’s profile picture illuminated in a pink and orange kind of ring to watch their stories. Stories are pieces of micro-content, each lasting 15 seconds.

Social media manager:

Covering shop:

When you first start on Instagram, if you’re interested in a part two covering shop, DMs, ads, or anything I might be missing, please comment down below and let me know. Now, let’s delve into strategy. It can feel a bit overwhelming given the multitude of things you can do with the app. Once again, conduct your own research and testing. Don’t solely rely on my general advice as it varies by category.

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