Social Media Strategy 2021 | What is Social Media Strategy | How to do social media marketing

Social Media Strategy 2021 | What is Social Media Strategy | How to do social media marketing
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In today’s video, we will discuss the strategy behind social media marketing—what it is, its significance, and how it operates across various platforms such as LinkedIn, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter. Social media marketing involves promoting products or services, such as a protein service, through these platforms. Without a well-defined social media marketing strategy, effective marketing and revenue generation become challenging.

A social media marketing strategy is crucial for planning and executing various aspects of marketing, including generating revenue, building brand awareness, planning contests, and engaging with the audience. It serves as the foundation for successful social media campaigns. Without a strategy, one might only engage in posting content without a clear direction on how to achieve specific goals.

Comparing it to starting a small business, where proper planning is essential before opening a shop, social media marketing requires a similar approach. The strategy involves thinking about content creation, identifying target audiences, planning promotions, and deciding the type of content to be posted, such as videos or short clips.

To succeed in social media marketing, one must plan and strategize in advance. This involves determining the target audience, planning content for contests and events, deciding on the type of content to post, and setting specific goals. The ultimate aim is to grow on social media, increase brand awareness, generate revenue, and enhance overall business growth.

In summary, a well-crafted social media marketing strategy is essential for achieving success on social media platforms. It provides a roadmap for growth, revenue generation, and brand building. By understanding and implementing a robust strategy, businesses can effectively leverage social media to reach their objectives and connect with their target audience.


Sumit refers to any marketing plan as a social media marketing strategy, emphasizing the importance of setting achievable goals. The strategy should address targeting a hundred thousand people, building a contact list, driving traffic to a clean website, and promoting the nutritionist Ramesh on social media. Sumit discusses the need to provide advice and increase engagement with the audience. A well-crafted social media marketing strategy is deemed essential for successful financial endeavors on social media.

In the next video, Sumit promises to delve into the specifics of creating a social media marketing strategy, covering topics such as planning contests and providing the five W’s to guide the process. He encourages viewers to like the video if they found it informative, expressing gratitude for their support. The goal is to bring more valuable content to the audience in the upcoming videos.

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