This 2023 TikTok’s Ads Strategy Breaks All Rules

This 2023 TikTok’s Ads Strategy Breaks All Rules
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Facebook ads:

This rule actually hinders most TikTok’s ads. According to Matt and his data, he has cracked the TikTok ad code with this exact strategy. You can replicate these results for yourself in under 15 minutes by following his strategy. Now, Matt, why should one delve into TikTok ads right now? Why not stick with Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube ads? While Facebook ads still work, they are becoming more challenging and expensive.

The data quality has suffered due to iOS 14, and Google and YouTube ads are also getting costlier. TikTok, being relatively cheaper and more effective, presents a unique opportunity to get in early. The next 18 months are crucial for seizing this opportunity, making it a profitable land grab. TikTok’s user base is diversifying and aging up, with 53 percent of users being over 30. It’s not solely a platform for the younger generation; people of all ages are joining.


Moving on to the secret sauce, Matt challenges the idea that ad creative should be native to the platform. He argues that, contrary to this notion, it needs to be the opposite. To maximize conversion chances, ad creative should stand out from the platform’s native content. The key is pattern interrupts, a concept from neuro-linguistic programming involving breaking repetitive patterns to capture attention. So, how should you shoot TikTok ads? Matt suggests adopting a higher production value without going overboard. Use a good camera, incorporate depth of field, lighting, and other cinematic elements. The goal is to make the ad look good while still fitting the TikTok aesthetic.

Before delving into the five-part TikTok ads formula, Matt shares some ninja tricks to help your ad stand out. Make a cut every two seconds and switch the shot every two seconds to keep viewers engaged. Additionally, experiment with audio to grab attention, such as whispering at the beginning of the ad.

While TikTok suggests shorter ads, Matt finds longer ads to be more effective.


To encourage viewers to watch the entire video, the goal is not to disqualify anyone but rather to intrigue them. You could share a mini-story about the empathetic pain point your product or service addresses.

The turning point in the story comes with the discovery of a unique mechanism that sets your solution apart. The teaching phase involves presenting valuable content in a condensed format, often in three quick and actionable steps. Finally, the transition serves as the call to action, inviting viewers to learn more or take the next step.

Switching gears to targeting, TikTok’s evolving role as a search engine for Gen Z offers intriguing possibilities.


Regarding audience targeting, it’s advised to be specific rather than broad. The TikTok algorithm benefits from clear instructions, so being precise about age and geographical area is crucial. If age is a concern, eliminating specific age groups is a viable strategy, given TikTok’s diverse user base.

The choice to focus on specific opportunities is left to the viewer.

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