This Content Marketing Hack Makes Businesses Go VIRAL

This Content Marketing Hack Makes Businesses Go VIRAL
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Content Marketing:

Kat Norton, with nearly a content marketing million followers on TikTok, discusses Excel spreadsheets, while David Stojic has built a nearly 70,000-follower YouTube channel teaching homeowners about basic HVAC maintenance. Despite the seemingly unexciting niches, both managed to go viral, significantly impacting their business growth and profits. The key to their success lies in two secrets, and by understanding these secrets and implementing simple shifts in content strategy, businesses can achieve similar results. The first secret involves giving your niche topic broad appeal. For instance, Neil Dingra, a mortgage broker, realized that focusing solely on mortgages wasn’t resonating with his TikTok audience. To broaden the appeal, he shifted his content strategy to cover. topics related to financial freedom, making money in real estate, and achieving dreams of homeownership.

Financial freedom:

This wider approach resulted in videos that gained hundreds of thousands of views, establishing Neil as a trusted expert in the home buying niche.

Similarly, David Stogen, the DIY HVAC guy, initially focused on technical HVAC content. These videos strike a balance between HVAC expertise and practical advice that resonates with homeowners.

To come up with broader topics within your niche, it helps to follow a winning formula for viral content: an opening hook, problem, and solution. Using an AI tool like ChatGPT can generate intriguing opening hooks for short videos tailored to your niche. The key is to capture attention quickly, address a specific problem, and provide a concise solution.

In conclusion, businesses can make seemingly dry topics go viral by broadening their appeal, making content more relatable, and following a winning formula for engaging videos. Understanding these secrets and implementing them in your content strategy can lead to increased reach, visibility, and ultimately, business success.

Miss Excel’s videos, focused on Excel spreadsheets, have gained significant popularity on TikTok. The success is attributed not only to the content but also to how it’s presented. Many businesses market themselves with their nine-to-five personality, reflecting their corporate demeanor. However, TikTok encourages showcasing the 5-to-9 personality, the persona when one leaves work. To give content a “happy hour makeover,” several tactics can be employed.

Miss Excel’s approach involves genuine excitement about the topic, creating engaging content without relying on dancing or skits. Wearing something bright contributes to initial attention.

Another tactic involves incorporating two-person skits, as demonstrated by Erica Kohlberg, an attorney teaching about the fine print. This format, despite its simplicity, has proven highly effective in engaging audiences and going viral. The emphasis is not on being a trained comedian but on relatable and straightforward execution.

Tailoring content to different audience segments and incorporating effective selling strategies are essential for success.

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