This Instagram Marketing & Sales Machine is GENIUS.

This Instagram Marketing & Sales Machine is GENIUS.
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In this video, you’ll learn the exact three-part strategy for putting together an Instagram marketing Sales Machine that attracts customers and closes deals. This comprehensive system is designed to be discovered by more prospective customers daily, providing repeated exposure to build trust and credibility. Most importantly, it includes a built-in mechanism to convert attention into revenue.

To unlock the secrets of generating leads, clients, and sales through Instagram marketing, I’ve enlisted the help of the Queen of Instagram sales strategy herself, Jasmine Star. I asked Jasmine why she chose Instagram as the platform to build her sales machine, and she emphasized Instagram’s ability to capture and retain people’s attention effectively, making it a prime choice.

The Instagram Sales Machine begins with an irresistible offer. Jasmine shared the concept of an irresistible offer, drawing inspiration from Sports Illustrated’s success during the ’80s. Sports Illustrated introduced a football telephone as a limited-time offer, creating urgency and prompting people to make immediate decisions. The key is to offer something unique or additional, not just more of the same.

Jasmine emphasized the importance of making offers during specific promotional periods, creating urgency and driving action. These promotions, bonuses, or discounts should be strategically introduced three to six times a year to maintain their effectiveness.

Moving on to the second part, the Instagram ads sales funnel involves creating regular, value-based content and promotional content during specific periods. The value-based content, constituting 90% of your posts, should provide information, education, or inspiration relevant to your offer. The remaining 10% during promo periods should clearly lay out the offer, answer unasked questions, address objections, and share testimonials to build trust.

To reach more of your ideal customers, Jasmine highlighted the importance of creating engaging content that resonates. Pouring gas on the fire won’t make a difference unless the content is already compelling. A small percentage of your organic audience sees each post initially, and high engagement early on indicates to the algorithm that more people should see it. Therefore, focus on creating content that your dream customers want to see to maximize engagement.

With Jasmine Star’s insights, you’re equipped to build a powerful Instagram Sales Machine that drives results for your business.

Utilizing video content, especially through Reels, aids in building recognition, trust, and likability more rapidly than just sharing still photos.

While some of Jasmine’s highest-reaching Reels are text-only, ensuring content quality remains crucial. Remember, the content itself must be compelling for it to make an impact.

Now, let’s move on to turning your hard work into cash with part three: your strategic close flow. These posts should create urgency, reminding followers that the offer is time-sensitive, with incentives and reminders.

Social proof becomes crucial during the closing phase.

As you post about your promotions, don’t overlook the importance of closing the deal, especially in the DMs. Responding to inquiries and doubts in a personal manner through direct messages can be powerful. This approach generates goodwill and significantly boosts sales.

While everything discussed so far is entirely free, once you master these strategies, you may consider investing in Instagram ads. Click here to learn how a little investment can further fuel your Instagram success. See you there!

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