THIS Will Change The Way Use Facebook Ads (Beginner friendly)

THIS Will Change The Way Use Facebook Ads (Beginner friendly)
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Facebook Ads:

You smell that?  That’s the scent of you driving conversions  and saving money with online advertising.  Running Facebook Ads is one of the best ways  to deliver messages to users who are most likely to respond.  You just need to know how to use the tools  to maximize results.  What’s up, it’s Jamal from HubSpot,  welcome back to the channel. If you’re focused on driving leads,  raising awareness, or increasing sales for your business,  this video is for you.

Facebook Targeting:

They can include things like location, age and gender. And B2B customers can target users  based on their employer, industry, or job title.


If I don’t, you guys clearly didn’t watch this video  and take these steps to heart.  (Jamal laughs) You know what I’m saying? These ads would be wasted if seen by the users  outside of the specific niche you targeted. Let’s go a little bit deeper  on how to truly find the best audience to target.

Facebook uses:

A lot of new advertisers ask  how many interests you should include in your targeting.

Customers facebook:

it alters the estimated audience size  Facebook gives you for your ad. At some point, you’ll see the audience size stabilized,  no matter how many relevant interests  you add to the targeting.  That’s probably close to the actual number  of potential customers can offer you. How does Facebook know who has bought Super Coffee  or visited its website?  ‘Cause they partnered with the NSA  and their tracking you right now.  Just kidding, they didn’t do that. To exclude users who already visited Super Coffee’s website,  first, they had to install a Facebook pixel onto their site. Well, that’s the reason, now you know.

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