TikTok Ads For Business – Secrets To Go Viral!

TikTok Ads For Business – Secrets To Go Viral!
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Are you using TikTok ads to grow your business?  If you didn’t answer yes or you’re like,  um, am I supposed to?  Then make sure to keep watching  so you can see exactly how and why it’s an amazing app  for business success.  Hey, everyone, it’s Rimi from HubSpot.  Welcome back to the channel.  Make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell  for more videos like this.  So TikTok has completely taken over  the social media world,  and it’s quickly becoming people’s favorite app.  It’s actually loved by so many that you might’ve noticed  other platforms rolling out features to compete with it.  Features like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts.  Yeah, it’s not a coincidence that other apps are picking up  on the fact that short form videos are just trending more. 

Tiktok ads:

So today I want to talk about how you can use TikTok ads  to grow your business.  I also have a free social media trends guide  that’s jam packed with helpful information from experts  to show where you should either invest  or pull back your efforts on social media.  It has insights from companies of all sizes.  So no matter how big or small your business is,  you’re going to see what industry leaders have to say  on what has worked for their social media success.  You definitely want to get your hands on it.  So I’ll have it linked in the description box below.  So make sure to check it out.  HubSpot also has a free certification course  that you can take to basically become a pro  in creating a social media strategy.


So I’ll have that linked below as well.  TikTok is unique because it allows brands to be more human,  fun, and witty with their marketing.  Almost 50% of TikTok ads strike an emotional cord  so it’s really the best app to keep things real  and relatable with your audience.  The best part about it is  that the competition is still pretty low.  So it’s not that hard to grow your page  and possibly even go viral  if you’re uploading consistent quality content.  Right now, it’s available in 154 countries worldwide  and has over 130 million active monthly users  in the U.S. alone.  So let’s talk about the kinds of ads that you can create  on TikTok.  There’s in-feed ads, top view ads, brand takeover ads,  branded hashtag challenge and branded effects. 

CTA Feature:

In-feed ads are typically what you’ll see most businesses  using to promote their brand because they allow  for more engagement from TikTok users.  People can actually like, comment and share these.  They also have a CTA feature where you can direct people  to a landing page, a different account,  or even an app download.  Top view ads are what users see at the top of their  For You page before the mindless scrolling begins. Usually larger brands use these because they’re really great  for directing people to internal or external landing pages.  Branded hashtag challenge ads are different  because these are a lot more engaging.  These allow for creators to use your branded hashtag  in their own video caption.


which in turn brings more awareness to your company.  It makes it really easy for users to connect  with each other, but also with your brand.  You’ll usually see these on the discover page  in the form of a banner at the top. Lastly, branded effects ads.  With these, you can create your own effects, filters,  or stickers for people to use in their videos. What I love about TikTok is that you can get on it  and not be bombarded with overly produced content. TikTok is known to be where a lot of trends come from.  So once you see a new trend happening, take advantage of it,  get creative and find a way to incorporate your own brand  with it.  See a new song trending?  Use it in an in-feed ad to promote a new sale  that’s coming up for your brand.  Have a new campaign launching?  Partner up with TikTok influencers,  or even micro influencers to help get the word out.  You can also link your other social media accounts  on your profile, like your Instagram or your YouTube.  So it’s a great way to grow your following  across multiple channels.  If you’re using TikTok right now to grow your business,  I’d love to hear what your experience has been like so far,  so let us know down below in the comments.  I hope you found this video helpful.  Thank you guys so much for watching,  and we’ll see you next time.

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