Marketing Social Media what’s New In? January 2024

Marketing Social Media what’s New In? January 2024
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Hello and welcome back to the podcast! It’s a new year, and we have a bunch of social media headlines to discuss. Let’s start with some updates on Threads, which has seen significant developments over the past month.

Firstly, Threads has officially arrived in the European Union (EU), which is exciting news for users in that region. Prior to December 14th, EU users couldn’t access Threads, but now they can. The EU version of Threads offers some flexibility; however, users who want to join Threads without connecting their Instagram accounts will have limitations on certain features.

Now, let’s address a concern that many users had initially. There was an issue where deleting your Threads account required deleting your entire Instagram account. Meta has fixed this problem, and now you can remove your Threads profile independently without affecting your Instagram profile. Additionally, there’s a new option to deactivate your Threads account, which hides your profile and content, setting it to private mode. You can reactivate it later if you wish.

Another interesting development is Threads listening to user complaints about posts showing up across Meta platforms. Users now have the option to decide if and where they want to share their Threads posts. This setting allows users to control whether their Threads posts appear on Instagram or Facebook, addressing concerns about mismatched audiences between Threads and Instagram.

In a significant move, Threads has entered the API realm, allowing direct third-party publishing on the app. This means that social media marketing schedulers and analytics tools can integrate with Threads, enabling features like publishing and scheduling. This is particularly exciting for social media managers and small business owners who rely on scheduling tools for efficiency.

As a side note, while users might be cautious about their Threads posts appearing on other apps, it’s essential to recognize the potential for expanded reach and free promotion across Meta’s platforms.

Lastly, for those using social media schedulers and analytics tools, Meta is sponsoring the podcast, and you can use the code “Latasha” for 30 days free on any of Metrial’s premium plans.

That covers the latest updates on Threads and some valuable insights into the evolving social media landscape. Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and thanks for joining the podcast!

Now, let’s dive into a social media marketing platform we don’t talk about often—Reddit. Reddit might be considered a bit of an in-between platform, and some significant news is circulating. Reddit may be aiming for an IPO this year. It’s an intriguing move, considering Reddit’s casual and unique format, often described as a college basement party vibe. The move to go public raises questions about potential changes in Reddit’s culture and whether it might become more corporate post-IPO.

Switching gears, Snapchat has faced a lawsuit from families alleging that the platform enables the sale of illegal substances, leading to tragic outcomes for their children. This lawsuit has been allowed to move forward, emphasizing the challenges platforms face regarding illegal activities conducted through their services.

This adds to the ongoing discussions about regulating social media for younger users.

With nearly 2 million votes, about 70% voted in favor. Musk reinstated Alex Jones, leading to discussions on the impact of such decisions and governance by social media polls.

On YouTube, a significant update is the expansion of gifting for channel memberships.

TikTok has partnered with Peloton to bring fitness classes to the platform, creating a TikTok Fitness hub powered by Peloton. However, TikTok marketing is also increasing seller fees on TikTok Shop, impacting brands and influencers using the platform for e-commerce.

These features aim to help creators establish their voice and engage with their audience effectively.

Lastly, Substack, a platform popular among writers and commentators, has faced criticism for its stance on not censoring extremist views. Some newsletter writers have threatened to leave the platform, raising questions about the balance between free speech and platform responsibility.

As always, choose platforms marketing that align with your values and preferences. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll be back with more updates in the next episode!

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